Hussain Sajwani; Co-Founder of DAMAC, and a Renowned Philanthropist

Hussain Sajwani is a well-known business person in the United Arab Emirates. Sajwani is also the co-founder as well as the chief executive officer of DAMAC. Apart from that, he is an excellent friend to President Donald Trump. Sajwani and Trump are not just billionaires, both are sharks when it comes to the real estate business.

Concerning Sajwani being a renowned entrepreneur in the real estate sector, we can see that he launched DAMAC organization. When it comes to the real estate business in the United Arab Emirates, DAMAC is well known for the best marketing stunts. When it comes to marketing tricks, DAMAC offers a free Bentley for every luxury apartment. Recently, Sajwani and Donald Trump ventured into establishing a golf course within the newly established project. The golf course is superbly remarkable as compared to others.

Apart from dealing in the real estate business, Hussain Sajwani also dealt in the food business. Mr. Sajwani ventured into the food business in the 1980s. In the food sector, Mr. Sajwani’s company dealt in offering catering services to Abu Dhabi as well as some contracts with the US army. Since venturing into the food business, many years have passed now. During his period as a freshman in the corporate sector, his ambition could be seen from afar. Sajwani’s dream opened up to the public when he declared that the food business could only make one earn millions, not billions. Since then, we can see that Hussain Sajwani has ensured that his dream of becoming a billionaire has become real. Sajwani has achieved his goal by making sure that DAMAC has thrived as the real estate kingpin in the United Arab Emirates.

Hussain Sajwani is a man full of ambition; with that, he decided to launch DAMAC properties in the year 2002. After the launching of DAMAC, Sajwani built state of the art developments and eventually marketed his company’s products in an aggressive manner. As a start-up company in 2002, DAMAC was able to thrive due to off-plan sales. Since the launching of DAMAC Properties to date, a significant growth has been recognized.

Another important aspect of the life of Hussain Sajwani as a businessperson is his affluence to the Current US President. Mr. Sajwani and Trump have been friends for many years. Also, they are friends when it comes to both family matters as well as business matters. Donald Trump as the current US President is no longer in making current deals while in office. Trump’s legacy is to be continued by his children. Hence, Hussain Sajwani will continue to work hand in hand with Trump’s children.




John Goullet Oversees the Drastic Growth of Diversant, LLC

John Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies and the current principal of Diversant, LLC. Goullet is a former student of Ursinus College. He is skilled in information systems staffing, web solutions, infrastructure support, data analysis, quality assurance, and application development. Goullet began his career as a consultant but ventured into IT staffing back in 1994.


Goullet and Info Technologies


Goullet unveiled Info Technologies. His business was involved in providing staffing solutions to the Fortune 500 companies. In just five years, his company had expanded and increased its revenue by $30 million. Goullet served as the chief executive officer of his business, managing the company’s activities while advising his clients. Under Goullet’s management, Info Technologies was ranked number eight by several magazines in the category of the fastest rising IT firms in the United States. In 2010, Gene Waddy, a fellow entrepreneur approached Goullet with the idea of merging their companies.


Goullet and Diversant, LLC


After the merger, Goullet was appointed the chairperson of Diversant, LLC. He maintained his passion for providing consulting services and IT solutions. Goullet begins his day at 6 a.m. with an intense workout. He leaves the office at 6 p.m. He brings his ideas to life through assessing demands at the labor market. Goullet leverage his unique IT staffing approach to meet his client’s needs. He is fascinated by the increasing technological trends. According to Goullet, Diversant strives to adapt to the changes that occur in the IT sector. Productivity Paranoia drives Goullet. This state of mind makes him productive as an executive and pushes him to excel in everything he purposes to do.


John Goullet encourages people to keenly observe and learn from their peers who are doing well in business. His secret to success is investing in his staff through training and mentoring. That way, he can work with a team that is motivated and share a similar vision. Goullet urges people to view government regulations as an opportunity to succeed. He argues that with each regulation, there is always a loophole to generate wealth. His favorite book is “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War” by Sebastian Gorka. He also enjoys reading other motivational books.


Jim Hunt of VTA’s Outlook On The Global Markets Under President Trump

On the day of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency many investors started feeling the jolt of the market taking both downturns and upswings on Many have forecast different outcomes in the coming months and some have called for withdrawal while others have seen great opportunity before them. Taking a more measured look at all the activity in the post-election weeks has been UK investor Jim Hunt, the CEO of VTA Publications. Hunt has never been too caught up in any stock market moments whether good or bad over the years and says while there certainly is a high possibility of a bear market coming under this administration on, he does see a good performance coming for the financial and industrial sectors both at home and abroad.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has spent years researching investor markets and has learned the ins and outs of stock market trades. He began his career working for a prominent bank in England, but later decided he wanted to use his knowledge to help middle class people beat the system in investing. So he started VTA Publications to distribute distance learning materials to anyone interested in going into business for themselves and taking control of their own finances. The topics Jim Hunt VTA Publications covers includes retirement planning based on biblical principles, and learning the basics of stock charts and executing trades. Jim Hunt has invited notable businessmen to his seminars over the years to share their knowledge of business and investing, and those seminars have been recorded on DVD.

In addition to the print and electronic media at Jim Hunt VTA Publications, Hunt also has a YouTube channel of video tutorials he’s put together about his various investing strategies, and users can see firsthand how stock trading works. Along with those videos, Hunt also started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is an guide to making a profit when the markets are about to take a tumble, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” shows how making 10 stock trades could multiply into millions worth in pounds. More about Jim Hunt and the work he does can be found at

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea is one of the most destructive diseases in the medical field. A fascinating part of the story is that the disease has no known cure. However, therapies have been developed in the medical field to help the disease get treated. As a matter of fact, the development of medical partitioning is one of the leading causes of concern in this development. The medical field now knows the destructive effects of the medical condition. In the recent past, the medical profession has been devoted to the development of facilitated measurements. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of this capability than the medical experts. Avi Weisfogel has developed more than 100 therapies to help patients get treated for sleep apnea.


Avi Weisfogel is also the man behind the success of the Dental Sleep Medicine Company. As a matter of fact, he is the Founder and President of the company. The Dental Sleep Medicine Company was developed with the main aim of enhancing more research into the deadly effects of sleep apnea. For his reason, no one has a better understanding of what it takes to develop high-end capabilities in this arena. According to research conducted by the company, sleep apnea has a relationship with other killer diseases like diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. For this reason, the onset of these killer diseases will trigger the occurrence of sleep apnea in patients who was not sick at all. Therefore, this research also suggests that the disease can be hereditary. This means that parents can pass the disease to their children through birth. For this reason, the occurrence of the disease depends upon a triggering factor for the occurrence of diabetes and heart attack.


More than 90 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not aware of the disease until they are diagnosed. For this reason, they end up losing hope in life when they discover that it has no cure. Avi Weisfogel has worked for more than 15 years to develop the cure for the disease. He is also happy to announce to you that he is now closer to the cure than ever before.

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Beverly Hills Auto Group Will Hook You Up

Have you ever dreamed of buying a BMW? It may not be as far-fetched of an idea as you may suspect. In fact, it’s really within reach. If you go to Beverly Hills Auto Group, that is. They will get you pre-approved for your next auto loan and hook you up with a sweet ride. Beverly Hills Auto Group is also so confident in their vehicles that you can even bring in your own mechanic to inspect any prospects before you commit to buy. And if that’s not confidence, I don’t know what is. They don’t have any overly pushy salespeople either, and you won’t be pressured to buy anything-ever.

There are many advantages to buying a used BMW. If you buy one this way, you will be spending much less. Did you know that brand new cars lose 40 percent or more of their value the minute they roll off the lot? This is not so when you buy used. And no one will ever be the wiser. You insurance rates will also be better since used vehicles tend to be less expensive. So, if you get a used BMW you can impress your friends without breaking the bank.

Betsy DeVos: Changing our Future with a Charitable Heart

Betsy DeVos is a strong leader that focuses her attention on philanthropy. As a wife, mother of four and grandmother of five, some would say that Ms. DeVos has a very full life with caring for her family. As a mother of one child, I would agree with that statement as I find myself exhausted by the end of each day. However, Ms. DeVos has not only cared for her family but has cared for the community since 1989 when her and her husband, Dick DeVos founded Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. This foundation provides financial support to the community by focusing on education and the arts. Ms. DeVos is an advocate for children from all socioeconomic classes to receive a first-rate education. Ms. DeVos is able to do this by taking time away from her family to serve on varies national and local boards to ensure that children in her community have the same education that she is able to provide to her children and grandchildren.

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Ms. DeVos caring heart and generous giving to the community is due to her Christian faith. In 2015, Ms. DeVos’ Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation made 11.6 million in charitable donations to a variety of organizations ranging from the arts to education. In addition to providing charitable donations within the community, Ms. DeVos invests in varies companies that offer products and service that will improve our world. This company is known as the WindQuest Group, which Ms. DeVos is currently a chairperson. Through Ms. DeVos continuous generosity, I can see that she represents the love of God. In the bible, God teaches us to give cheerfully and to care for the less fortunate, which Ms. DeVos has demonstrated time after time. She is truly a woman after God’s own heart and demonstrates this each day and with every dollar she donates. However, one thing that I find truly fascinating and separates Ms. DeVos from others is that she also donates her time. Ms. DeVos has served on has served on the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, American Federation for Children, ArtPrize, Philanthropy Roundtable, and American Enterprise Institute, and WindQuest Group. Betsy DeVos is truly a role model not only for me but also for our future generations. Without Ms. DeVos generous contributions, many people would not be afforded their current opportunities in life.

Avi Weisfogal takes on sleep apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel lives in New Jersey and runs frequent Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. He has spent much of career studying sleep treatments and cures for various sleep disorders. Weisfogel created a dental facility that was opened to the public in 1999. He helped fun the facility for over a decade.Mr. Weisfogel has developed a great reputation over the years earning him awards as the best dentist in multiple peoples eyes.While he was working as a dentist he became very interested in how the body operates when put to sleep. He worked with many patients who have sleeping disorders. A personal goal of Weisfogel is to continue to help those with sleeping disorders feel more comfortable during treatments and at night.

In 2010 he decided to create the company Healthy Heart Sleep. This company works with physicians, doctors and dentists around the world that work with sleep disorder patients to help train employees. Weisfogel helped supply more sleep labs to help employees better understand what a patient suffering from sleep disorders has to go through.2012 was the year that he started lecturing more to dentists and how to better serve the community. Weisfogel helped introduce the use of more oral appliances to help treat such conditions.Dr. Avi Weisfogel got his education from Rutgers University. He holds a BA in biology and psychology.

He has learned over the years that sleep apnea can affect all ages equally. There is a slightly greater risk of developing sleep apnea with age and excess weight. Nearly half of those patients that are dealing with sleep apnea are overweight. Any fat that is continuously deposited in the neck and waist area has proven to be a problem.Operation Smile is a charity that was created by Dr. Weisfogel to help the less fortunate around the world receive dental care. Dental care is very important to the health of humans and people can suffer major deformities in the mouth if not given access to surgery.Operation smile set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $2000 for helping those children. All of the donations help children hope for a better future.


All you need to know about Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider is a known entrepreneur having started the Capital LLC boutique. He attained a degree from the University of Massachusetts. It prepared him to face the many challenges in the workplace. He is experienced in the field having worked with Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. He has also worked for the Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Alex Brown. The companies have provided him with the required experience to manage and achieve big in his current organization.

He is a keen believer that alternative investments are the way to counter the market situation. Using this approach has made the organization reap a great success. He provides the best environment that has made the organization have huge success.

The company has its roots in Austin. It specializes in marketing, sales among other services to its clients. The firm has seen success under the leadership of Jeffry Schneider . Currently, it houses more than thirty employees from the previous 2 in five years that it has been in operational. The success has been brought by the willingness of the organization to work with different partners and have increased networks. In the duration of time, the company has raised over $1 billion that have been used to buy real estate’s auto dealership among many other activities. In future, they hope to have their income increased to about $50 million a month. To enable this, they hope to double their efforts and offer more quality services to their clients.

The organization is a leader in helping the community. It has occasionally been involved various projects in the community. It has also been involved in many charitable activities.Large grants have been released to help the various communities. Among the top beneficiaries is the God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and worries among much more.

Surely with all the efforts and best workers in place, the organization is determined to have a fast growth. Their goals and better policies will see the company cement its place in the industry. And with the current trend soon the company will rank among the best globally.

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Passionate About Serving Others- Erick Lesfkofsky

Nothing is satisfying as living a full life. A whole life cannot be achieved by one’s success but by helping others realize their goals and also live a full and comfortable life. Few people have been able to reach this kind of achievement; instead, they think success can only be achieved through material possession.

Erick Lesfkofsky was born on 2nd September 1969, and he was brought up in Southfield Michigan. Mr. Erick graduated from High School in 1987, and he proceeded to the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in 1991 and later in 1993 he achieved his Juris in Law from the same institution. Erick Lesfkofsky is an entrepreneur, something he started while still in College. He began his first business by selling carpets at the University.

Erick Lesfkosfky is the co-founder of Lightbank, and he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. Tempus is one of the leading companies that were founded on technology with a primary purpose of fighting cancer. His entrepreneurship continues by him being a co-founder and founder of several organizations including Up-take Technologies which is among leading companies which is known to deliver their products as well as services to top businesses in the world. Up-take Technologies is founded on a projecting systematic platform. See for other details.

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Mr. Erick is not 9only an entrepreneur, but he is also a man who has purposed to live a satisfying life by assisting others through his philanthropic activities. Erick has collaborated with his wife Elizabeth, and together with her, they have established Leskofsky Foundation. The primary responsibility of the foundation offers support to educational, charitable, and scientific organization globally. Since the inception of the organization, it has helped more than 50 organizations which focus mainly on children. In 2013 the Philanthropic couple joined The Giving Pledge to serve the people better.

Erick Lefkofsky is also a leader who has gained leadership skills from his vast experience as an entrepreneur. Erick has led several organizations including the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago where he is the Director. Erick has been serving on the board of directors at the Arts Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.


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Jose Borghi Talks Mullen Lowe’s Success

Whenever a company experiences any economic crisis, marketing is the first department to feel the effects. The market department is fully exposed to the public and feels every ripple and shockwave of the public’s financial decisions. It’s marketers’ job to understand and predict social trends and opinions. So when things aren’t going well, marketers are the first to experience anything.

Generally speaking, people think of marketers as those who only create advertisings. In reality, marketers lift and support entire companies with their skills. The more volatile an economy is, the more important marketers become. Marketers are constantly analyzing economic stability, and they know more about successfully operating in unstable markets than anyone else at the company.

Marketing expert, Jose Borghi, Talks success of Mullen Lowe believes that marketers should be encouraged to flourish as much as possible. The Brazilian economy has been taking some depressing hits lately, and yet, it always manages to bounce back. While other countries that suffer from depressing economic trouble fail, Brazil rebuilds and continues moving forward. Advertising is essential to maintaining a brand’s strength in the market.

Companies should give the market department, even more, incentive by allowing them inter-departmental access. Rather than limit marketers’ capability, allow them to partake in strategizing with all the other departments. Once partnered with all sectors, marketing can set and reach any goal the company desires. One of the most beneficial aspects of marketing is having the ability to predict future economic events. If a company has some idea of what will happen beforehand, it can better prepare for the inevitable failure.

Jose uses all of his strategies he encourages other people to use. All of his methods are tried and true. The best thing to do in moments of economic crisis, advertise.

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