Jose Borghi is Strengthening MullenLowe Network in Brazil

Jose Borghi has a created a powerful niche in the Brazilian advertising sector for the past 28 years. Borghi offered his advertising expertise to the Leo Burnett Agency’s clients as the vice president and later on as the president. He relinquished his position at Leo Burnett Agency in 2002 and joined hands with Erh Ray to create the Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence Agency. Following a merger between Lowe and Borghi Erh Creative Intelligence Agency in 2006, Borghi and his partner were named the co-CEOs of the new umbrella company.

Throughout his career, Borghi has leveraged his creativity and state of the art technology to come up with fantastic adverts. He has bagged prestigious accolades and industry-leading recognitions. He is the brains behind the highly successful campaigns for Mitsubishi, Ox Cosmetics, Antarctica, Electrolux, Unilever, Ox Cosmetics, and Antarctica. Borghi has also created innovative ad campaigns for Honda, American Express, and Antarctica.

Launching of MullenLowe Brasil

Mullen Lowe Group Network has effected a series of changes in both its organizational and leadership structure as a strategy for incorporating the Lowe network into the newly formed MullenLowe identity. After a rebranding, Borghi/Lowe has become MullenLowe Brasil. The mission of Lowe Network is to move all its Lowe agencies into the new MullenLowe branding, starting with Brazil as a capital for the MullenLowe Group Network. The current chief executive of MullenLowe, Jose Borghi, will receive support from Andre Gomes, who has ascended from VP to a co-CEO position.

As the co-CEO, Andre Gomes will take up the mantle of supervising the operations of the agency. He will work hand-in-hand with Jose Borghi in implementing the business strategies of the company. Prior to the promotion, Andre Gomes had served as a senior employee of Lowe Network for nearly two years. On the other hand, Borghi will commit his time and expertise to the creativity and innovation section of MullenLowe.

Jose Borghi’s thoughts on rebranding

Borghi has termed the rebranding as an innovative strategy for placing MullenLowe on the global map as a leading advertising agency. He stated that the naming of Andre Gomes to the MullenLowe Brasil’s management team would fortify the management processes of the agency and allow it to focus on creativity.

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I Have Watched Eric Pulier Serve Kids With Fine Technology

Kids in schools where I worked were struggling to graduate, and they were afraid they would not have the resources to get out of school when it came time. I wanted them to have their day in the sun, and Eric Pulier came along with adaptive technology that made their lives easier. This article explains how Eric has helped child after child reach their potential in school.


#1: How Is The Technology Created?


Eric built the pieces he brought into classrooms on his own, and he distributed them under the People Doing Things name. The charity was all about helping people with disabilities, and ht was the perfect solution for kids who were not doing well in school. They often found it difficult to perform in school because they were missing the devices Eric built, and I watched many children leave school with the devices he created.


#2: What Was The Purpose Of Building New Technology?


People Doing Things helped fund Eric’s work in the field, and he brought in devices that helped kids with specific problems they had in school. Their problems began to diminish, and they found it quite simple to work in classes using something that may have been quite simple. Eric checked with every child to learn what they needed, and he adapted his tech to meet the needs of each kids. Kids who are learning in school must have enough comfort to learn new concepts.


#3: How Long May Students Keep Their Devices?


Students were allowed to leave school with their devices, and I saw many of them using these devices outside school. I found it quite helpful to see these children having their lives changed, and I believe each of these children went on to have productive lives because they learned how to work around it.


Children who were not doing well in school in my time may not have graduated, and Eric provided them with something that made their lives easier. He changed lives with every visit, and I am proud to say that I saw him before he was a famous developer.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is one of the most prominent alternative financial service providers which offers non-financial solutions to companies and the high-net-worth individuals. For the company, they engage in the issuance of fast working capital using stocks as the collateral. According to the findings of the Equities First Holdings, they have also noted that the traction of stock-based loans has gone on the rise due to the harsh economic crisis, banks and other financial solution companies offering fast working capital using credit have cut down their lending capabilities through the innovative measures. For the company, nothing gives to honor than issuing the stock-based loan as one of the best sources of financial stability in the era of harsh economic crisis.

For you to secure the capital offered by the company, you must present your stocks as collateral to undergo a careful evaluation to determine the amount of loan you are eligible. For this reason, the stock-based loans offer a seamless way of securing capital without stating the intended use of the loans. During this era of harsh economic crisis, the use of stocks and bonds associated with treasures has become one of the surest ways of securing fast working capital. As a matter of fact, companies and individuals have chosen Equities First Holdings as one of the best companies to aid in the issuance of fast working capital.

For the company, they have engaged in the production and specialization of services and products to develop high liquidity to the loans. Moreover, the company has also worked with stakeholders to make these solutions a better way to seamlessly welcome the benefits of stock-based loans through a careful evaluation of stocks for the companies and high-net-worth individuals in need of fast capital. One of the best characteristics of the loans is that they offer a high loan-to-value ratio than the credit-based loans. Moreover, you can also disengage yourself from the loans to make the world a better place for everyone.

Al Christy, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Equities First Holdings, says that many people consider the stock-based loans and margin loans autonomous. However, there are many marked differences between the two loans. For this reason, we are here to determine the better part of the loans to make them a better options. For the margin loans, you must state the use of the loans to qualifying. However, this is not the case with the stock-based loans.

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The Investment Banking House is Useful to the Customer with Respect to Two Significant Areas:  Corporate Finance and Markets

Professional individuals, are curious, how investment banking houses can help them attain greater levels of financial success. The investment banking house serves its distinguished clientele in two very important ways–those being providing the company or entrepreneur with corporate financial structuring and advice, and exploring opportunities as it pertains to markets. The following text: briefly, provides details as to both functions.

The corporate financial area of the banking house is referred to as the private side. It is referred to, as well, as the Investment Banking Department or Division. This area provides its savvy client-base with significant confidential expertise, with regard to financial decision-making. It is useful to the client, in carrying out complex financial transactions. Generally, corporation finance and consultation are necessary elements, in way of allowing an important client to expand. The investment banking house provides the client with services, pertinent to purchasing and selling businesses. Definitively speaking, the investment banker serves its client in the activities associated with mergers and acquisitions, loan financing; and with respect to activities associated with capital markets.

What are Capital Markets: Capital markets are markets relative to purchasing and sales of debt instruments and equity. The capital markets make it possible to direct savings between retail investors, institutional investors, and persons or businesses seeking additional funding. The Capital market is fundamental in that it provides economic benefits to the community as a whole. Capital is crucially needed in providing society with output-economically. The Capital markets are inclusive of: stock and bond issues–sold to investors; and the secondary market–which, accordingly, trades securities.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten:

Martin Lustgarten is the innovative investment banker of the investment banking house which he founded known as Lustgarten Martin. Mr. Lustgarten is unique in that he provides his client with a highly innovative and reliable, established approach as it applies to investment banking objectives. He is a current resident of the Miami, Florida area.

The highly reputed and reliable investment banker, in his spare time, enjoys collecting rare antique times, of unique beauty. In example, Mr. Lustgarten is a great fan of acquiring vintage timepieces. He enjoys anything that is interestingly artistic when it comes to vintage collectibles. He prefers the fast and sunny pace of the Miami area; is a skilled negotiator as it applies to his tenure as an investment banker and his avocation as a trader and purchaser of vintage items.


How Evolution Of Smooth Took Over The Millennial World

For Millennial Women By Millennial Women

Evolution of Smooth was always intend for the young Millennial woman. This decision was a considerable risk, but the founders took that risk with the potential. The risk was worth it as Millennials are big fans of EOS lip balm. In fact, a recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs and Teen Vogue revealed the EOS is one of the top 50 brands for Millennials. For a brand of lip balm that is an amazing achievement. Nothing like that is said about others in the lip balm market.

The Social Media Darling

A central component of the success of EOS lip balm is the social media presence the company maintains. Evolution of Smooth is everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media sites. Additionally, celebrities frequently display the lip balm in their selfies and actually use the brand themselves. Founded in 2007, the use of social media to promote EOS fits the brand just fine. It was born during the rise of Millennials and it reflects everything Millennials love. EOS uses nothing but natural ingredients and EOS maintains a strong relationship with popular music.

A Model For The Future

The Evolution of Smooth brand is expanding beyond the lip balm market. There are not EOS lotions and shaving creams available for purchase as well. In the future, consumers will have even more choices as the company finds new ways to reach Millennial women. Much of this success is due to the relatively high profit margin of EOS. All EOS products are made in strongly automated factories giving the company an advantage in both efficiency and cost reduction. Millennial women are some of the pickiest consumers out there, but it seems that Evolution of Smooth has found the perfect way to appeal to them. Visit the website, for more info.

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Ricardo Tosto: Why You Need A Good Lawyer For Business


When starting or running a business, it is always advisable to consult a lawyer for advice and proper guidance. But not all lawyers have the expertise to provide the type of service you need. For business disputes, you need a good business litigation lawyer.

There are several ways to go about finding a good lawyer that handles business disputes and conflicts.

One way to do that is to get recommendations from others. You can ask you colleagues, friends or family if they can recommend a good lawyer in Brazil. Also, check out reliable websites that provide a list of qualified lawyers in various locations. These places can direct you to a lawyer that can meet your needs.

Once you have a good lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive good advice and proper guidance regarding your legal matters.

Ricardo Tosto is a top rated Brazilian lawyer. He specializes in business and corporate litigation, and he comes highly recommended. Ricardo Tosto has many years of trial experience and has excellent record. He has handled cases for numerous clients and is one of the most reputable litigation lawyers in Brazil. He is well respected in the Brazilian legal community, and he works closely with his clients to develop the most effective litigation strategy for their situation.

His practice spans all phases of the litigation lifecycle, including inception, discovery and court trial. Mr Ricardo Tosto has taken and defended numerous fact and expert witness depositions, and tried cases in a variety of courts Brazil. He is well known for his practical approach to the law, for being a skilled negotiator, and for his powerful litigation style. He has a great reputation for obtaining favorable outcomes for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho carefully examines all evidence and circumstances before decising on a winning litigation strategy that applies to his client’s case. By having a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto on your side, you can rest assured that your legal matter will receive the attention it deserves. Ricardo Tosto’s record shows high success rate in taking on complex business law matters.


The Expertise of Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is the study of different laws across the world in not only the present day, but also laws that have been implemented in the past. The goal of this field of study is to examine different aspects of law and to examine the legal system in order to analyze aspects of a legal system that work and aspects of a legal system that do not work. Comparative law is a growing field of study that began to flourish in the 18th century due to the fact that not only the interaction among individuals increased, but also the cost to travel and the cost of transportation was lowered to allow for more trade across the world. The study of comparative law not only examines legal systems that were implemented by governments, but also examines legal systems that were created by dictators, communist regimes, as well as democratic societies. The goal is to analyze exactly what part of the systems worked for each nation-state or region.

Comparative law is an interesting area of study due to the fact that comparative law also examines laws that were created through culture as well as laws that were implemented and can be traced back to religious roots. Historians, law professors, as well as philosophers love this area of study and have the unique goal of examining a new legal system for the future that can coincide with globalism in the world. Of the many experts on comparative law, one individual stands out due to not only his expertise in the field, but also due to his passionate research.

This individual is Sujit Choudhry, a professor of law as well as a researcher who has a passion for inspiring his students to study law and has a passion to continue his research in examining legal systems all over the world. As an Indian born individual, Sujit Choudhry had always known that he wanted to study at an American University to experience a new culture as well as a new system of education. With hard work, Sujit Choudhry eventually became the first Indian to become the dean of a top law school in the United States.

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George Soros: Political Financier of the Democrats

George Soros has been a major financial supporter of the Democratic Party and the causes he and the party believe in. Soros increased his funding after taxing a break following his unsuccessful defeat of President George W. Bush in 2004. Soros has been labeled as a boogeyman inside conservative circles.

Soros donated more than $25 million to Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes during the 2016 election. FEC records and Soros associates and Democratic fundraising operatives, confirm an increase in spending by George Soros. Associates of George Soros put his fortune at an estimated $24.9 billion, earned through a number of currency trades on

Soros has been friends with the Clinton family, for more then 25 years, George Soros planned to attend the 2016 Democratic convention, to witness Hillary Clinton accept the Democratic presidential nomination, but canceled the trip, because he felt the need to monitor the European economy. Soros has been more engaged politically because of his strong faith in Clinton and his fear of the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.

Soros’ passion and full-fledged support for Hillary Clinton, has been seen by many Democratic financial leaders as a good sign for Clinton. Soros is seen as one who can revitalize the other rich liberal activists. Along with Soros, several other top liberal donors have begun writing big checks, including environmentalist Tom Steyer, who donated $31 million in 2016. Soros and his fellow rich liberals have helped Clinton’s campaign and has built a massive financial advantage over Trump committees.

Throughout the Summer, Soros has donated $7 million to a Clinton super PAC called Priorities USA Action. The largest recipient of Soros’ financial contributions has been Priorities USA Action. Soros has also given $2 million to American Bridge 21st Century, a super PAC, which is dedicated to targeting Donald Trump and other key Republican candidates.

Soros has also financially supported a super PAC dedicated to increasing voter turnout among Hispanic voters in key swing states, the group Immigrant Voters Win has received nearly $3 million from Soros through the entire month of June. Soros has also contributed $5 million to other key super PACs working to help Clinton win the presidency and ensure Donald Trump’s loss.

Soros has been a strong financial supporter and will continue to be one, until he believes the right candidates are in power and the policy issues he believes are handled in the best way he believes is possible.

Eric Pulier is the Ultimate Triple Threat

If you are looking for a triple threat, you may have just found one in Eric Pulier. Pulier is considered an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Plus, on top of those, he also has a few other accomplishments to add on to his scorecards such as technologist, columnist, and public speaker. One of his many accomplishments has been being part in co-founding Akana which is Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform. Akana focuses on helping businesses expand the ventures over social media and digital waves. It also provides intelligent insight to businesses on how to push through digital barriers and boundaries.

On top of his large part in the digital revolution Akana, Eric Pulier spends quite a bit of his free time staying involved in charity work and donations. He takes pride in spending time with his family as well. He is the active father of four children who surely take up a great deal of his free time.

Another major accomplishment of Pulier was that he was assigned to build and run the “Bridge to the 21st Century” for Bill Clinton and Al Gore when it came to their second inauguration. This event was filled with thousands of people, and really brought to life the ability and talent of Pulier even earlier on in his career. The event was organized by Pulier as he broke it down it sections to demonstrate all the technological advances that were coming to the White House as well as computers and technology companies alike around this time period.

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Chris Burch Has Success In Multiple Business Industries

The idea of fashion can take many twist and turns. Fashion designers have become famous because they dare to be different. A look that may appear to be a bad look to some may end up being the next best selling fashion item. When it comes to fashion, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.


In many ways, technology can be looked at in the same manner as fashion. Many of the most popular technology innovations over the past few decades made the developers very rich and famous. A common thread with many of the technology innovations is that the innovations were different than the technology that was currently on the market.


Technology and fashion are both creative business sectors. Originality is rewarded in both business sectors. This is why the use of technology in some fashion designs over the past few decades has not been a complete surprise in either the technology or fashion industries. Both industries like to take changes, and combining technology with a fashion design is taking a huge chance. However, the popularity of the industries separately has made some of the fashion designs combining the two industries work well in the market.


Fashion is all about first impressions. What people think looks good will eventually become good in the eyes of others. The same can be said of technology. The popularity of fashion and technology goes up and down with the views of the public. A business professional who understands both the technology and fashion industries is Chris Burch.


A well respected businessman who has achieved great success in the business world, Chris Burch has started several very successful businesses in a variety of business industries including the technology and fashion industries. As a business owner in the fashion industry, Chris Burch is able to recognize fashion that is or will become popular.


He is able as a technology business owner to do the same in the technology industry. Over the years, the business portfolio regarding Chris Burch has grown significantly. The business decisions that he has made concerning business have been very good decisions for the companies he has and continues to run.


The business world has many ways that business professionals can become successful. Chris Burch has achieved success in a variety of ways in the business world. In addition, he has achieved success in different business industries, which is very hard to do because each industry has its own unique challenges.

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