Andy Wirth is the president and the current CEO of Squaw Valley ski holdings that deals with the development of mountain resorts and hotel industry. He does not give up in his endeavors. Even after losing his arm in a skydiving accident, he did not quit his responsibilities.

He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has survived bad times and still runs the Squaw Valley Holdings with effective management maintaining its business till date. He has 24 years of experience in marketing and sales in ski resorts.

Being a fan of press play with Madeleine Brand at kcrw radio, I was waiting for the guest to be interviewed when Madeleine introduced Andy Wirth as a guest who would be joining her in a face to face interview on his opinion in the discussion “How will the Drought affect California Ski Resorts?”

After a warm welcome, madeleine kicked off the conversation by asking Andy how the last winter was at the ski resort. Andy wirth accustomed the concerning weather patterns and said that it has changed, and the impact has been profoundly felt by the industry.

The last winter saw the ski resort close about 2000 acres of land out of the total 6000 acres due to bad weather effect. Andy Wirth such kind of weather revenue reduced with about 20% fall from total earnings, this year compared to earnings from previous years when winter season was average.

Although they did not make a loss, the earnings were worrying since it predicted a poor trend that may prevail if the winter continues being warmer and short. It’s not a must that the park should be fully open for skiing fans to have fun since the available area can hold them but also is good to have full access to every part set for skiing. Hopefully, the next winter season will change for better hoping the weather pattern favors the skiing industry and sports.

Despite the prevailing conditions, Andy Wirth is optimistic that coming years will be better though the profit was not worth. Andy Wirth, however, recognized that the situation opened up his mind and has come up with advanced models and new techniques of making artificial snow using scientific ways in case the winter period fails to form enough snow.

This has enabled the ski field to have paths even when there is a little activity or when the snow melts faster. The resort is thinking to shift such activities to warm seasons since businesses and competitions books the space during the hot season. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

The changing weather is having an adverse impact on the ski resorts everywhere mostly in California and the surrounding areas. The resorts are trying everything possible to ensure that the activity will continue annually as programmed.

They are ensuring that the skiing enthusiasts continue enjoying their hobby even under such complicated and challenging conditions. Concluding the discussion, Andy said that he is confident that ski resorts will be a going concern even with the disfavoring climate changes.

Ken Goodrich: Paying it Forward

The term pay it forward is used often, but it is great when people actually do it pay forward and help out those who need it and those who have helped us out. That is exactly what Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, is doing these days. He has given $1,000 to veteran Nick Hughes, who is two weeks away from graduating from the College of Southern Nevada. He helped get him started, Nick put in the hard work, and now, two weeks later, he is going to reap the benefits. Nick left the U.S. Navy three years ago, and quite frankly, it was a period where he wasn’t sure what he was going to do next or what his next move was going to be.

When you are so used to structure and a certain way of living, it can be difficult to adjust to day-to-day life. He knew he wanted to do something with Goettl, but he wasn’t sure exactly what that was. He decided on school and getting a degree in the two-year applied science in air conditioning technology program. This was sponsored by the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award and Ken Goodrich. Ken knows that former veterans make good employees. He even said so in a recent interview. They are disciplined, hard-working, and committed.

So many times, they come with home with no job and their hard work has been forgotten about. As they say, “what have you done for me lately?” That is not how Ken Goodrich operates however. He appreciates the sacrifices they have made and wants to let them know that they will always have a place to work and a place in the world. They will always be useful and their contributions will never be forgotten, overlooked, or undervalued in today’s world.

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Referendum Proposed to Remove President Maduro from Office

The crisis in Venezuela has caused turmoil throughout Southern America, and the Latin American organization is asking for socialist Venezuela to step down from their position in it, reported Luis Almagro, OAS secretary general. Almagro wrote a devastating 132-page report on Maduro’s government and then urged the OAS to consider backing the opposition’s call to remove President Maduro from office.
The posted statistics in this crumbling country are devastating, and they continue to deteriorate. Amid the corruption and chaos, Almagro documents that inflation has risen to 700 percent, there is a 76 percent poverty rate and a foreign debt of over $130 billion.

Venezuela now has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and in U.S. analysts, it has failed. For several years, the U.S. has been waiting for the right time to overcome the socialist government without causing a war, and it may be close to that time. The referendum is still months away, though, and if it is postponed too long, Maduro’s Vice President may follow Maduro into office.

In the meantime, Venezuelan expert Osio says people are suffering from shortages of food, medicine, and other basics, explained the senior State Department official. It is only by the emergency loans from China that the citizens and the country of Venezuela are surviving. Sound like another country you know?

Class Dojo Creates Videos About Growth Mindset For Kids

Educational communication platform and startup company Class Dojo has announced a partnership with researchers studying psychology at Stanford University. The popular mobile app has teamed up with researchers from Stanford to create a series of videos that are about growth mindsets. This idea was developed by Carol Dweck, who is a psychology professor at Standford University. It revolves around the concept that when students especially young kids view their brains as being able to get better, then their learning abilities drastically increase.

Studies done by Carol Dweck on the topic of growth mindset in children have shown that kids will respond to learning better when they think of their brains as being able to grow. This is quite a revolutionary idea in the field of education and psychology. Many educator especially in the early stages of childhood education want to incorporate this concept in order to boost learning capacity and ability in kids.

With strong evidence backing the positive impact that growth mindsets have on children’s cognitive ability, Class Dojo has begun working with Stanford University’s Project For Education Research The Scales Center to create videos that can be used by teachers on Class Dojo. The Class Dojo app is already a major hit with students and almost 2 in 3 schools have it used in their classrooms in the country.

So far a total of five videos have been created that introduce the subject of growth mindset for kids using the Class Dojo monsters that many children are already familiar with. The videos attempt to bring the subject of growth mindsets in an interactive and fun way that will get kids to view their brains as being able to improve and get better.

Class Dojo which has became one of the most widely used communication methods between children and parents says that the growth mindset videos are a way of helping both educators and children achieve their highest potential in the classroom. Being exposed to the videos will help children develop cognitively. This is a mission that Class Dojo is proud to be behind.

The app class Dojo offers real time interaction and the sharing of videos between teachers and parents. According to statistics, it is estimated that up to 8,000 messages and videos are exchanged by teachers and parents every minute through Class Dojo. The app is also freely available in multiple languages and can be translated for free. This makes it usable for ESL and immigrant student communities and their parents.


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Kevin Seawright And RPS Solutions Focuses On Enhancing Home Ownership In Baltimore

In the recent past, Kevin Seawright reported that RPS Solutions was succeeding in its objective of providing affordable homes. While founding the partnership venture, RPS Solutions, back in 2015, Kevin’s vision was to provide affordable houses within the Baltimore community. His goal is to ensure that individuals are able to own homes. Kevin intends to make sure that the home ownership rate exceeds the existing rate of 48.3%. This way, Kevin and RPS Solutions will have enhanced the livelihood of the individuals living in the region.

Kevin was happy to see stability in the neighborhoods of Baltimore such as Belvedere Square. He was proud to say that with the development and subsequent purchase of the homes in Baltimore and its environs, RPS Solutions was moving a step closer to accomplishing its goal of augmenting the current home ownership rate in the city. With the increasing uptake of homes, the city is destined for numerous economic benefits, vibrant communities and stable neighborhoods. While commenting on the progress of RPS Solutions, Kevin posited that he would like to make home ownership possible for every individual living in the Baltimore area. He went on to add that by achieving the home ownership objective, he would have accomplished the company’s mission.

RPS Solutions connects lenders of mortgages with investors and individuals in construction of new properties besides offering renovation services to the underdeveloped housing units within the area. Courtesy of Kevin Seawright and RPS Solutions team, home ownership is becoming a reality in Baltimore neighborhoods.

Kevin is a renowned financial and administrative operations expert. His expert vision and ability to command new opportunities and register success with business goals is unrivaled. Over the years, Kevin has used his success in finance to enhance the livelihood of the East Coast communities. Kevin is the vice president and CEO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin’s contribution in the financial sector has been rewarded. Kevin received the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the Future award in 2010. For six years, Kevin served city government as the deputy chief operating officer.

Bernardo Chua: A Man on a Mission

Bernardo Chua came from a modest background, he hails from the Philippines. He started his career in his home country as a small-time businessman but quickly outgrew the area when he wanted to further his career and learn from international markets. Chua worked in California at Gano Excel for a few years, including a promotion, before ending up in Vancouver, Canada where he founded Organo Gold in 2008.

His business began as most do, with a handful of employees and a big dream of success. With Chua’s hard work, excellent products, and business strategies Organo Gold became wildly successful. The company is now doing business in 35 countries and employs over a thousand employees. They sell healthy drinks, an alternative to what is typically on store shelves. They operate as a direct sales company and have received many awards for their style of business and products.

Financial success and an impressive resume have not changed Chua, as his company has grown he has given back to charity and even formed his own program based on his own experiences. The OG Cares Foundation works with young adults all over the world. The program provides mentoring and speeches that provide valuable tips to becoming a success in the business world. Hard work, determination, and an excellent work ethic are just a few of the points that OG Cares emphasizes to their program participants. Find out more information on Organo Gold and their foundation by following Bernardo Chua on Twitter where he goes by his nickname, Bernie.

The Midas Legacy offers the information people need

In America, achieving success is often measured in terms of money. Most Americans want to build their wealth and know that they are making the right decisions financially, but they do not have the information they need. Unfortunately, many Americans simply do not have the time and knowledge to gather the information you need. The Midas Legacy knows that making the right financial decisions is extremely difficult, so they offer the help people need.

The Midas Legacy is a financial research firm located in Winter Garden, Florida. Their mission is to help people make the right financial decisions. They handle a wide range of clients, who are attempting to make a variety of different decisions. Some clients are simply looking for a better way to invest their money. Others are trying to decide the best way to start their own business. Other people are less worried about money and instead are trying to maximize their health and their happiness. The Midas Legacy is proud to offer their research to help people in any situation.

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Working at The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy Experts

The Midas Legacy is happy to offer people the research they need to make the right decision, and they are willing to do so immediately. As soon as you start working with them they will give you a book that gives you insight into making the right decision. This book will get you on the right track, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. To ensure that everyone gets the help they need, the company hires a huge team of experts to give people the expertise they need.

The Midas Legacy’s team of experts is truly impressive. One expert on their side is Jim Samson. Jim has worked in several industries throughout his career. His expertise includes real estate, entrepreneurship, and trading. His keen eye for business is critical for Midas Legacy clients that are hoping to enter the business community. Sean Bower is another key expert for the Midas Legacy. Sean has worked as a journalist for many years, but he has also worked in the financial services industry. Planning for retirement is stressful, and having an expert like Sean Bower on your side will prove vital for Midas Legacy customers.

Getting the right information is vital for people that want to be successful in life. That information is sometimes hard to find, but the Midas Legacy is here to help. With the research team from the Midas Legacy on your side, you have nothing to fear.

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A battle for control: Relmada vs Laidlaw

Relmada recently amended the original legal complaint against the investment bank Laidlaw to include a complaint that maintains Laidlaw and Company breached its fiduciary duty to Relmada. The original complaint involved an injunction preventing Laidlaw from sharing any additional information that it learned while it was serving as an investment advisor to Relmand.

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Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

It seems that the original dispute started when Relmand indicated to Laidlaw that it was dissatisfied with the efforts it had made to attract new investors. The two sides agreed to have a meeting to avoid potential litigation. However it seems once at the meeting, the situation escalated when Laidlaw requested to essentially take control of the board. When this request was not granted, Laidlaw issued a press release expressing its intent to gain control of company. It is this press release that led to the injunction issued by the court as the information in the press release was learned by Laidlaw while it was serving as an advisor to Relmada. The injunction specifically names Laidlaws principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern and prevents them from releasing any additional information. Relmada is seeking compensation for damages as a result of the impact this information has had on its stock price.
In addition to 60 complaints filed by customers over the course of 3 years, Laidlaw admitted guilt to numerous infractions including issuing misleading and incomplete information to the public.
Based on the information provided in the article it seems that there is the potential that the leadership at Laidlaw may be part of the reason the firm seems to have a history of non-compliance with security laws. However this information must be taken with a grain of salt as this article is written from the point of view of Relmand. As someone who worked in the financial industry for many years, I do know that companies are hit with 1000s of complaints all the time. Often times it may be easier and cheaper for the company to settle with the regulatory agency than spending the money to battle them. Therefore I do not view the list of previous complaints to lead to an automatic conclusion of guilt against Laidlaw in the current lawsuit.

One-On-One with Sanjay Shah – A globally renowned business mogul and a hearty philanthropist

Entrepreneur Podcast Network is making headlines for the right reasons. They recently interviewed one of the world’s mover and shaker, Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah, a successful entrepreneur, stuck his neck out to imagine that he will be one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. His dreams came to pass. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Autism rocks and Solo Capital Markets listed among the most profitable companies on the globe.
In his interview with Entrepreneur Podcast Network, he highlighted some of the challenges facing prospective entrepreneurs today. Key among them is the start-up capital. He pointed out critical advice on how to start and run a successful business, his primary motivation for starting Autism Rocks and all that global listeners can expect from his planned concerts this year.
Many philanthropists are known to funnel their contributions in a fashioned way. A family crisis purely motivated Sanjay Shah’s participation. His adorable son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with autism. Autism is a mental disorder prevalent in the early childhood, characterized by problems in communication (verbal and non-verbal) and correlation with other individuals. This very disease prompted him to create Autism Rocks, A charitable organization geared towards funding Autism research.
Since his son’s diagnosis, Sanjay Shah says he has never looked back. He has gone from strength to strength to ensure that no other child faces the same predicament his son faced. His organization, Autism Rocks has raised millions through the years by organizing concerts and working with the best Hip-Hop and R&B stars like Snoop Doggy Dog, Tyga, Drake just to name a few.
Sanjay Shah went ahead to tell listeners that the path to entrepreneurial success is full of peaks and valleys, twist and turn. There is no giving in, and there is virtually no opportunity for sentimentality when faced with competitors. You only have to trust your instincts when making hard decisions. He gave a practical example when he used to work as an accountant, and suddenly hell broke loose. The financial market collapsed, and he was subsequently let go of his position. He never gave up. Instead, he started a brokerage company that was Solo Capital Markets and the rest, as they say, is history.
While giving insights about Autism Rocks, he disclosed that he has supported and sponsored needy children in his native India for a decade but never understood what more he could do beyond that. His son’s diagnosis tipped the scales, and he became more focused and dedicated towards the course.


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Mexico Pulls Off Late Win Against Uruguay

A largely Mexican audience including Danilo Diaz Granados of over 60 thousand fans saw the battle in Glendale, AZ, between teams that many say are the very best of Group C, in the Copa América Centenario contest: Mexico and Uruguay. The band mistakenly played the wrong anthem music, strangely, Chile’s special song. But for Diaz Granados perhaps the game was more special because of it.
Things were hung up one to one, score wise, until Hector Herrera and Rafa Márquez came to the rescue with dual goals. Suddenly, Mexico was at 3-1 over Uruguay. The second goal came a full 84 minutes into the match, where a 1-1 tie condition stayed steady. Next, Herrera got a header shot in over time. Read more about this story.

Alvaro Pereira, goalie for Uruguay accidentally scored a self-goal that gave Mexico one more. There were many near-scoring events, but defense on both sides was fierce. When the wrong music played, the Uruguayan team stood silently and stared blankly. Perhaps they were not in the right mood for this contest.