Inmate Phone Calls Services with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the principal inmate communication firms that provide civil and criminal justice technology to enhance our public safety, corrections, monitoring, as well as investigations. Recently the company announced a new technology that will save a lot of quality time and money for its clients. The company will be making an implementation of its Inmate Forms and Grievances app on ConnectUs. According to the firm’s Vice President, Russell Roberts, the app is an example of how they are modernizing their client’s experience with the latest and most reliable technologies.

Our correctional facilities have been using paper forms to make and file various inmate requests. With the paper forms, the correctional officers at our correctional facilities end up spending a lot of valuable time to process these paper forms. However, with the application from Securus Technologies our personnel in the correctional facilities will save a lot of time processing the varied requests for inmates. The app will allow correctional officers to produce custom forms depending on the inmate requests. Besides, if a form requires some changes, it will only take a few minutes, and no printing will be needed. The Inmate Forms and Grievance app will transform our correctional facilities from the manual paper processes to digitally automated processes that are more efficient and reliable.

The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance app has been implemented previously in other industries with success and has earned a powerful reputation for its effectiveness in cost saving and time management. The new platform will present our inmates with features that they had no access to previously. For increased security, the app will allow correctional officers to access any content that inmates accesses. Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company provides its extensive services to over 3,400 agencies. Across North America, more than 1,200,000 inmates benefit from the services of Securus. To learn more about Securus Technologies and their services, visit their official website,

Brian Torchin Embraces Permanent Solutions Rather Than Temporary Fixes

Busy individuals rarely have time to be team players or donate their time outside of work, but Brian Torchin refuses to have down time when he could be working to better the world instead. The Founder of HCRC Staffing supplies healthcare facilities with those intent on working in the field. His extensive work ensures that these professionals are not only qualified for the job but that the facility is acceptable for the professional.

Most describe Torchin as being a fairly stand up guy and that his expertise is of the most understandable within the industry. Whereas other agencies offer information that the average person has difficulty understanding, Brian’s go-getter attitude ensures that his clients will understand the placement process in its entirety; his relatability makes certain that he will develop long-term relationships with his clients even after they have begun working in the industry. His attention to detail makes his work flawless and has deservedly gained him the recognition of millions. With establishments in the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Canada, Brian Torchin along with his staff are knowledgeable about dozens of cultures and international health care.

In sum, Brian Torchin is a man who embraces solutions rather than short-term fixes. He works well with others and never receives credit without giving some in return. His indefatigable efforts radiate throughout the world and generally improve the health care industry in a universal manner that will not soon cease. The more he combines his generous personality with his swift ability to problem solve, the better this industry becomes and the quality of health care across the world becomes better as well.  Check out his official site for more.

Reifler Explains Peril of Average Investor

Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital, discusses the truth about the film “Money Monster” and how the stock market works for the everyday investor. The film discusses how an investor was taken hostage by a disgruntled investor, who lost money on one of his tips. Reifler discusses the dangers that the middle class, average investor faces.

Reifler enjoys his job at Forefront Capital, because he is able to level the playing field. His experience can help the everyday investor wade through the different fees and regulations that can plague them. Reifler discusses the three major problems the everyday investor faces.

Fees are a problem for the average investor, but they are a part of everyday life on Wall Street. Management firms charge large fees so they can make money no matter what. Unaccredited vs accredited investors can mean the difference in what investments are available. The difference is the amount of money each has to invest. Reifler can help them to navigate around this restriction to still make money. Non-accredited investors tend to invest in the stock market, which can be treacherous at best.

Forefront Capital was launched by Reifler to help everyday investors move past these problems. They do not charge the fees that management firms do, and they try to steer investors towards varied investments. He wants to make sure everyone is getting richer, not just the rich.

Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and experienced investor. He has worked for large management firms and knows how the system works. He opened Forefront Capital with the goal of helping the average investor.

Wen by Chaz Products for Beautiful Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy and beautiful hair. However, it is not easy to achieve this. Although there are very many products in the market that promise to help women achieve the look they want, most of them disappoint at the end of the day. WEN Hair Conditioner are some of the products in the modern time.

Wens by Chaz hair products are very popular in the Sephora beauty market. The products are advertised often on Television by a beautiful model. The hair conditioner is basically an all in one styling treatment, shampoo and conditioner. People who have used the hair conditioner from Wen say that it works perfectly for all types of hair.

Just recently, a hair fanatic decided to try the products on her hair. She decided to use the Fig formulation, because it was designed to give the hair good moisture, shine and bounce. She used the hair conditioner for seven days, and the results [see,] were perfect.

On the first day, the lady noticed that her hair was thicker when she was massaging the product. She also felt like she had acquired more hair. When washing the hair, she noticed that it was not falling like before. After washing her hair, she blow dried it to see what had happened. The hair was actually more bouncy and shiny, something she always struggled with in the past.

After seven days, she concluded that the Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner was perfect, especially for the individuals with fine hair. The product also works magic for people who like to shower and style their fine hair each morning.
For individuals who are lazy, the hair conditioner might not be the best. The product might make the hair look perfect after shower, but with time, the strands become oily, making the hair unmanageable if the individual skipped a wash. Wen hair products are also available on Amazon.


Looking Further into a Rather Complex Case Involving Laidlaw

I’ve always been interested in the intersection of complex systems. And some of the best examples of necessary complexity can be found in economics, medicine and law. So I think it’s rather understandable that I’d be excited after stumbling on a case which combined all three. I was initially clued into the case by hearing about a restraining order. A banking firm called Laidlaw & Company had received a temporary restraining order and associated injunction from the other side of the legal table. Laidlaw’s opponent in this case is a medical research company called Relmada Therapeutics.

And this is where things really became interesting for me. The case illustrates the very complex web of interactions that are needed to get a new medical treatment onto the market. Laidlaw & Company needs companies such as Relmada to turn a profit on their investments. But at the same time companies like Relmada need investment bankers to fund the quite costly research process. It’s a high risk investment for anyone. And it’s understandable why emotions might rise during the process. But at the same time any limit on speech is frustrating when I’m trying to understand the heart of the matter.

As such, I went off to find out more about Laidlaw. What I found proved to be both surprising and fascinating. I think one of the first things that caught my eye was how easy it actually is to find information about them. This was one of the first things that really made me like the company. They’ve been active since 1842. And amazingly, they even have a full timeline of some of their notable cases during that entire stretch of time.

But a related matter also caught my attention, And that was how open the people involved with Laidlaw are about their own lives. Executives such as Matthew Eitner and James Ahern have laid out a lot of personal information on the company site. Personally, I find it easy to trust people who are that open about themselves. And who obviously, while doing so, take a great deal of pride in their company.

Leading Healthcare Company InnovaCare Health

One of the top healthcare companies around is InnovaCare Health. This company is one that specializes in providing physician practice services as well as healthcare coverage through Medicare Advantage plans. Under the leadership of chief executive officer and physician Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health has been able to help patients and healthcare organizations in a number of important ways. First InnovaCare Health offers Medicare Advantage plans to help patients more easily afford their healthcare expenses. Since healthcare can be quite costly. InnovaCare Health according to Penelope Kokkinides helps ensure that patients get the best possible care through insurance coverage through Medicare. It also helps healthcare organizations operate more efficiently with the help of the physician practice services it offers.

InnovaCare offers patient care through Medicare Advantage plans. These are health insurance plans that provide comprehensive coverage for a number of healthcare costs. These plans are offered through private companies that are contracted out by Medicare. The way this plan works is that a private insurance company will provide coverage to patients as long as they receive funds through the government program known as Medicare. This therefore provides a very cost effective option for those who are unable to afford insurance through private companies alone. Using Medicare Advantage plans enables people to get coverage through Health Maintenance Organizations and Preferred Provider Organizations.

Read more: InnovaCare Health | CrunchBase

By getting Medicare Advantage plans, patients can get coverage for a number of medical expenses. These medical expenses range from routine physician office visits to major surgeries. Since these medical procedures can be very costly, it is very beneficial to use Medicare Advantage plans. These healthcare plans will be able to help a number of people get the care they need that would otherwise be unaffordable for them. Therefore InnovaCare Health allows people to get all of the healthcare coverage they need by offering them to take advantage of these very comprehensive and affordable health insurance plans.

Another vital service that InnovaCare Health offers is physician practice services. These are services that help a number of healthcare organizations improve their operations. The physician practice services will usually help organizations have better administration procedures as well as more easily obtain the resources they need in order to provide the best possible patient care. Physician practice services help a number of healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics and the offices of physicians. With InnovaCare Health numerous healthcare organizations have gotten the assistance they needed in order to reach their objectives more easily.

Video Visitation Brings Mobility to Inmates Visitation

Are you tired of driving to jail only to wait in long lines for few minutes Visitation? Would you prefer to schedule your next visitation according to convenient of your availability rather than being subjected to limited visitation? Do you know you can make incarcerated loved ones feel like they are home when they cannot?

Until recently, Inmates’ friends and family had no choice on how they participated in visitation. Thanks to Securus Technologies, they have invested in providing various options to the visitation process. Securus has unveiled Video Visitation that is revolutionizing the way inmates connect with families and friends. Prisoners are human, and they need communication and contact with their loved ones. Sharing life moments with inmates give them hope of better tomorrow after serving their jail term.

Video Visitation brings mobility to consumers and allows family and friends to share magical life moments. Imagine parent in prison partaking in their children football practices, birthdays celebrations, and bedtime stories virtually from anywhere with internet access. Video visitation offers limitless opportunities to make inmates feel at home.

Securus has even made the Video Visitation easier by launching a Video Visitation app that you can download on Smartphone for both Android and Apple. The company is expecting to launch the same app for other platforms including Microsoft. Video Visitation app goes a long way in eliminating the need for tethered computers, additional hardware, and web cameras. Further, the app will allow you to pre-schedule visitation from the comfort of your home or locations that are convenient to you. The app received thousands of downloads on both Android and Apple platforms few days after they were launched.

Securus Video Visitation come with telephone calling plans, emails, and voice mail options that are designed to suit your objectives. Moreover, the company charges affordable rates, although the rate changes depending on the correctional facility and the State. Securus Technologies feature extensive experience in correctional industries. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Currently, the company serves more than 3,400 public safety, correctional facilities, and law enforcement. The company serves more than more than 1,200,000 inmates all over North America.

Securus Technologies has demonstrated its commitment to serving and connecting inmates with family and loved ones. Further, the company has earned a reputation in providing a huge array of services that include investigation, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, public information, incident management, emergency response, and monitoring services.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Why Does NutriMost Make Eating Easier?

Eating can be pretty hard when you feel like you do not know anything about food, but I solved that problem by making sure that I am using NutriMost. The NutriMost system is something that I have been using because it tells me what to eat, and then I just keep following that instruction every time I need to eat something new. They have all kinds of recipes that are going to help anyone taste good food, and it is going to be much easier for people like me to cook.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

I like cooking a lot, but that does not mean that I ever knew how to do it the right way. I have been doing much better now that I am using NutriMost, and I think that it is going to be pretty easy for me to do the right things when I am using their online menus. The online menus make a lot of sense, and I just watch them for new foods. I do like trying new things, and I am cooking for the people in the house every day using the same menus that I already got from NutriMost.

NutriMost is a great place to come to when you need help with the food that you eat. You can still exercise and stay active, but you are going to do really well when you are using their foods. I have loved their food so far, and the family can barely tell the difference. They know that I am using NutriMost, but they did not know that the food was going to taste that good. They love the fact that I am eating this food, and they love the fact that I am giving them the best kinds of food to eat for every meal of the day.

White Shark Media Utilizes Consumer Complaints To Augment Its Services

The success of a company is dependent on how it treats its customers. White Shark Media has been in operation for a long time. During this period, the firm has received numerous compliments and complaints from its clients. Over the years, the firm has learnt how to use the both the complaints and compliments in order to enhance its service offing.

One of the customer complaints has been losing touch with the AdWord Campaigns. On undertaking a research regarding the same, the company found that their reporting procedures would not allow small businesses to know what has happening. In order to address this problem, White Shark Media ensured that each client was provided with all the information regarding his or her new campaigns.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Some customers complained that they were not satisfied with the communication, especially identifying with their contact person. Consumers would not get hold of their contact person directly, as they had to pass through a receptionist. In order to rectify this situation, White Shark Media Complaints team instituted monthly status calls. Today, Clients and SEM strategist are able to review reports based on the past 30 days.

This procedure is facilitated through the GoToMeeting platform, an online conference tool. Older clients have praised this procedure as highly effective.

Additionally, the firm allowed clients to interact with their contact persons directly. When a client signs up for AdWord services, he or she receives an email containing all the necessary information regarding the contact person as well as the person’s supervisor. Through their contacts, clients enjoy seamless communication with the supervisors in case of the contact person’s absence.

Some clients have been requesting the firm to offer SEO services. At present, White Shark Media does not have SEO services. However, the firm has the capacity to distinguish between a qualified SEO company and a bad one. For its clients, the firm is more than happy to evaluate all their SEO proposals as well as the work provided by the SEO Company. To this end, the clients cannot lose a lot of money.

WSM Video:

Some of the clients have been discontented with their contact persons because they are not in tune with their needs. In order to solve this complaint, White Shark Media has recruited the services of senior SEM consultants. These consultants’ work with the clients’ right from the signing up stage to the optimization process. They actively engage with the clients by answering all their questions.

Venture Capitalist Mark Sparks

The need for start-up money is inevitable for every entrepreneur. Due to the first demands of the business, funds should be available for setting up structures and employing the relevant staff. They are the people that will keep the business running until stability.

All the processes at the first time call for a lot of money. The typical case is that when such cases arise, they are an inevitable need for a venture capitalist.

Spark Tank was established for such a purpose. However, each venture capitalist has to select among the applicants and get the best. It depends on the criteria they use. The following is what Mark Sparks looks for in a start-up;

Uniqueness of an idea

To get funding from the program, you have to present an idea that provokes people to think about it. Something that is truly unique and works in a manner that is readily acceptable.

It is not necessarily that the idea should never have been heard of, but it should be something that can easily be appreciated as unique. Spark Tank is seeking new ideas as a measure to encourage innovation that is good for the city. People are invited to give solutions to the problems that face them.

Availability of data

Before presenting your idea to a venture capitalist, you need to have tested the concept on the real ground and collected feedback. In this case, when asking for funding, present all the factual data to the venture capitalist. If you have sales that you have made by the time, give all the data.

It will be an assurance to Marc Sparks’ program that people are already buying into the idea. It shows that people have already embraced your goods or services. Also, it is a good indicator of future success.

How will their money help you?

Every business venture should have a clear success strategy. It is important that you make the owner of funds aware of how the money will help you. Marc Sparks needs to understand each of the processes that will need money and how the process will be beneficial in coming up with the final goal.

In fact, they want to know if the money will set your venture into motion. The objective is to see the money propel your business into making more money and having an impact on society.

You ought to be very articulate when making your presentation to Spark Tank. Make sure you mention to them what they need to hear.

Make sure you give your sales data, touch on the uses of the funds you are asking for, and apparently bring out the uniqueness of your idea. The three will guarantee you money for your business.

Learn more about Marc Sparks: